Sitting in the train to paradise.

Got nothing to do, I don’t wonder why.

This world is cruel and bittersweet.

Always trying to get  what you need.

Head to the hight

Feet to the ground.

Moving forward to the sound

Of Stockdale and Hendrix

I love these gods

For coloring my crazy heart.

Smile to the sun feel free to be free.

The clouds look like marshmallows in a blue see.

White to the blue and blue to the white.

This is the best day of my life.

Forget the past and living the now.

I got my friends all around.

I love these guys yeah that’s what I do.

They make me feel like shubshubidoo.


This must be heaven


See me dancing


I feel so high


I can touch the sky —

I can touch the sky–

I can touch the sky–

I can touch the sky!!!

(Lyrics by Banu Sengül)