Sack of Flesh

The selfish part

Of an human,

is always his own enemy.

And when you leave

This killing life,

you just want to leave in peace.

You want to, you want to leave in peace…

And I’m just

A sack of flesh.

And I can’t live

Without my skin.

There is so much

Blood inside.

And it goes

The river of life.

Why you,

 have to be so egoistic.

And why you,

can’t be nice.

I fight against my inner devil.

The demon kills me inside.

It kills me, it kills me, it kills me inside…


Why we

Have to hurt each other,

And why,

I can’t be nice.

I just want

To leave in peace.

And have a grateful life…

(Lyrics by Banu Sengül)