Petrichor turned 87 days old!

Our new album „Petrichor“ has turned 87 days old today! How time flies … .
We want to thank all of you for your congregations, for your feedback and for sharing our music!
As you might know, „Petrichor“ includes some older songs as well as a bunch of new songs.
Some of you asked for further information about the songs. Due to this fact, we want to give you some details about each track on the album for the next few weeks.


Here is the first:


The track „Petrichor“ is not a song or a classical music track but a kind of speech or narration which gives an introduction to our album. Although we have created most of the songs independent from eachother, we wanted to filter the quintessence of all of the tracks. This piece is the newest of all pieces on our album. The words were written first, after the music accompanied.
What makes us proud is that our faithful friend and big supporter Hannes Peters has recited the text.
The poetry has the same title as album: „Petrichor“.
The term „petrichor“ describes the scent that occurs when rain falls to the soil on a hot day.

Many people not only know this smell, but can imagine it without forcing themselves too much.
As you tell people to imagine that smell while watching their face, it’s as if you can read the flaring up of the good old days on their face.
It takes us back to our childhood and leaves a smile on our faces. What is interesting is that many people feel a warm, pleasant feeling when they think about the smell.
Remembering this smell and keeping it, lets us human beings grow closer together than that it drives us apart. Remembering this smell is a call for a better world and to spread love! This is indispensable, especially today. Moreover, it is essential that each individual makes a contribution to the whole.

The narrator says that we are lost when we forget to love and to take care of eachother; when we think of ourselves instead of helping others.
Our generation not only bears the inequality between rich and poor and speculation, which exacerbates the problems. We must also face an ever-increasing wave of nationalism worldwide.

Wars to make a little more profit are destroying whole families, lives and dreams. And all this while the polar caps are melting. While the plastic concentration in the ocean increases every day. While fertile soil disappears forever. While our children grow up in a world in which money is worth more than a healthy life, a family and friends. What we destroy today will be irreparably destroyed. Both our environment and our health. This is not about stirring up fear, as some religious groups and nationalist parties do. The aim is to remind everyone of their own value, strength and importance.

Often human beings are considered bad, greedy and insatiable. But we see the human being differently. We see the human being as the protector of the earth. We are guardians of weak people, children and animals. Let us now follow our true destiny. #petrichor #weareone #blackandlupin #newalbum#forabetterworld #music #love #peace